Training And Development Policy

Approved by: Acting Chairman April 20th 2023
Date: March 2023
Version Number: 1.0
Status: Draft
Review Frequency: Every 2 year
Next review date: 2025
Relevant Legislation / Licences: .
Related Policy / Document: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  1. Purpose

    1. Heulwen Trust (the Trust) is committed to providing regular training for Trust staff, volunteers and management committee.
  2. Policy Scope

    1. This policy applies staff, managers or volunteers who work or contribute to the operation of the Trust. The Trust is a small organisation but is committed to equipping all staff, managers and volunteers with suitable training and skills to carry out their tasks effectively and in accordance with Trust objectives.
    2. A sum will be provided in each annual budget for training, allowing for a commitment to training.
  3. Objectives And Priorities

    1. Individual training needs will be assessed through discussion during regular supervision sessions that staff have with the chair of the trustees and at Boats and Service Committee meetings (Committee) when they are present. Discussions around training needs should be a core part of each supervision session and the training received by each staff member should be reviewed annually.
    2. Requests to attend training courses or conferences will be made clear to the staff member’s line manager and any expenditure must be properly sanctioned.
    3. Whilst wishing to allow the most flexible use of individual staff training budgets, the Trust will prioritise:
      • core training as appropriate dependent on role to include safeguarding, safer recruitment, and integrated working.
      • work related training or training that is of direct relevance in improving the performance of the Trust staff in carrying out the different aspects of their job descriptions or addressing issues of direct relevance to the Trust ’s operations.
    4. Staff will however be encouraged to take up training possibilities around areas of personal growth or interest where this is appropriate and does not conflict with other more direct training needs as identified by line managers
    5. An important criterion will be the impact of the time spent training on the individual staff members ability to carry out their own job description and manage their own workload as well as the impact on other staff who will be expected to cover for them while they are absent.
    6. All the Trust staff, volunteers and committee members will have core training, as appropriate depending on role, in safeguarding, safer recruitment and integrated working as set out in the Single Personnel Record.
    7. The Trust will encourage staff to undertake training for relevant qualifications
    8. Reasonable time off for training and portfolio preparation will be allowed after discussion with line managers.
    9. Regular support and reviews of progress will be given as part of staff supervision sessions.

    1. The Trust will strive to prioritise training opportunities for the Trust staff, volunteers and management committee members who have traditionally missed out on such opportunities.
    2. The Trust will staff and management committee members who might be involved in recruiting staff for the Organisation will be encouraged to attend an Equal Opportunities recruitment course.
    3. The Trust will seek to facilitate attendance at conferences and training events by staff with children or other dependents. This will be achieved by approving expense claims for childcare, creche provision etc. and in other ways as necessary.
    4. The Trust will continue to promote training that furthers equality of opportunity or helps individuals and voluntary groups challenge oppression and oppressive behaviour. Staff, volunteers and management committee members will be encouraged to attend such training and suitable programmes will be included in The Trust will ‘s Annual Training Programme.
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