Montgomery Canal is one of those jewels that is isolated from the main network of canals. While work is currently taking place to reconnect it, it will take many years yet for this to happen. For information about the progress do have a look at the Friends of Montgomery Canal website.  Pete’s Montgomery Canal website is also a good source of information, covering the the whole of the canal system with a section on the Monty

Until the dry section at Pant is back in water, not many boats will be travelling up and down the canal in Montgomeryshire. It is unusual for us to meet other boats although we pass a couple moored up in the length we use.

For an idea of what the scenery is like, take a look at Alan Wilding’s YouTube clip “Weekend Crusing at Welshpool” where he shows Heulwen III on a trip to Brithdir and The Horseshoes. On the way he interviews our Chairman about the Trust.

If you want to follow a nature trail through Welshpool, have a look at the Canal and River Trust website for montgomery-canal-trail.

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