The following is a draft only and does not currently represent the current policy adopted by The Heulwen Trust. It is a work in progress and should not be used for any purpose whatsoever.


The Trust has a portfolio of investments which are placed to provide an opportunity for capital growth together with the provision of a regular quarterly income, meeting both short term and medium term needs. The Policy recognises that growth in income and capital requires some risk to be taken but that these are to be managed by maintaining a spread of investments which give a low to medium risk portfolio.

There is a split between equity shares and fixed interest funds of   xx:xx. The equity growth shares are to fund replacement boats and equipment, while the fixed interest investments are to generate income to offset any operating losses. The investments held by the Trust are managed, on its behalf, by ( >>> TO BE UPDATED<<<<< ) , who are approved by the Charity Commission.

The investments will be monitored on a regular basis by the Finance Officer, and reviewed on a regular basis prior to a Trustees meeting, with any investment decisions being reported to that Trustees meeting.



The Trust will aim to keep liquid reserves equivalent to 3 months running costs and investment funds at a minimum of £000,000. (TO BE UPDATED)

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