We need your help both at the Heulwen Trust and at the Welshpool Country Festival


The Heulwen Trust

As you can see from our website, our primary goal is to keep our boats going and available for those less abled than others. If you can spare some time, even if it is just a hour every weekor so, there are lots of jobs big and small, from basic maintenance through to reminding homes and carers that we are here and available. Oh, and the chance to pilot one of our boats, of course.

Our trust is run entirely by volunteers so please get in touch as we would dearly love to hear from you.

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The Welshpool Country Music Festival

For over 30 years the now internationally famous and well-loved country music festival has been attracting all kinds of folks from all over the country, Europe and indeed the rest of the world. Putting on such a festival is no easy task. Apart from the paid professional artists and the cost of hiring various services, the festival ground is prepared by Heulwen volunteers, managed by Heulwen volunteers and, of course, Heulwen dismantled by volunteers. We desperately need help to keep this festival going from strength to strength and here is why. The festival generates sufficient income to pay for most of the annual costs to run the boats free of charge to our most valued clients. Without the festival it would be hard to see how this service could be maintained free of charge – if at all. So this is how important the Welshpool Country Festival is to the Heulwen Trust. We need additional volunteers to help with gate admission, day visitors parking, disabled parking, parking of caravans and tent pitch allocations, assembly of the show, disassembly of the show, marshalling and security etc. If you would like to help out at the show even for just a few hours then please use the form here –

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Donations though Friendship 

We love to include folks who can help out financially by becoming Friends of The Heulwen Trust. Even if you can only afford £10 a year, we would love to welcome you aboard as a Friend of The Trust. We have a simple form here which enables you to donate something every year. If you can afford more than £10 then we will love you just as much. Recent donations made by bequeathment have been welcomed by the Trust, some folks have thought about us and left sums of money well in excess of £5000. All such donations have helped ensure the long term financial stability of the trust and enabled the trust to consider retiring and replacing our boats as they come to the end of their working life. We need to replace one of these boats within the next 2 years and this will cost upwards of £130,000. Your help and continued support is vital.  –

Friendship Donations Form

Read more about Wills & Legacies. 


Country Music Festival – Direct Sponsorship 

We have stated in our mission statement that we do not take direct sponsorship or make affiliations with any corporate companies or individuals. We do, however, make an exception with the Welshpool Country Music Festival. We welcome any sponsorship enquires and offers of financial support or technical support from ethical fair practice companies or individuals. If you are able to assist in any way please get in touch.

Get in touch here please(Direct Sponsorship).


We strive to get our message out to those who need us but it becomes very difficult to make our voice heard above the chatter of social media and the noise of everyday life. So again we ask for help by association or affiliation. Any group that would like to make use of our services is welcome to get in touch directly with us and we will endeavour to share our knowledge and contacts in a reciprocal manner (being mindful of GDPR, of course). We would welcome contact from any organisations that help the vulnerable, less abled etc. We would love to include your logo on a special links page, providing cross referrals etc.

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