On this page you can make an on-line request to book one of our boats for a few hours, a morning or most of the day.

Before you request a booking, please read the Trips For The Less Able page.


Using the online booking system.

If you want to book the whole of a boat for a trip, you will see to the right of the screen two monthly calendars showing the availability of each of our two boats; one calendar for Heulwen II and the other for Silver Lady Heulwen III. You will be able to see whether that boat is available (white), unavailable (orange) or tentative (blue). For a later month please use the arrow keys. The calendars are for availability and for booking. To make a request, simply click the date you want and fill out the form, the request is then sent to us for confirmation. We will contact you to discuss your needs and requirements.

Please be aware that even though a boat is not shown as having been booked on a particular day, Covid restrictions mean that it may still not be available to be used on any specific day.  Please bear with us whilst we continue to adjust to the restrictions imposed in this pandemic


Want to book to travel within the next 3 days?

You cannot book online to use our boats within the next 3 days due to organisational commitments of our volunteers. If you wish to book one of our boats with the intention of cruising within the next 3 days, please make a note of the date you want and then use the contact us page of the web page, or email booking@heulwentrust.co.uk.


Can anyone join in?

The Heulwen Trust is established to assist those who are less able.  If you think you may be eligible to use our services please have a look at the page Free Boat Trips For The Less Able.  We regret that that we do not offer boat trips for those who do not qualify


What will happen when I make an online request

You will receive an email to confirm your enquiry and then we will contact you to discuss your requirements and, if appropriate, to confirm your use of the boat as we will need to know when you want to start and how long you want your trip to last. Please do not assume that an indication by you of an interest in a particular date is a booking. It has to be confirmed by one of our team to ensure our team is able to receive you.

Finally, whilst the use of the boats for a disabled trip is without charge, you will appreciate that it is expensive to run the service we do. Any donation is therefore more than welcome but is entirely voluntary (and will not have any effect upon the acceptance of your booking) You can make a donation by a direct donation to your Skipper on the day (please make cheques payable to the Heulwen Trust) or you may make a donation via our “Just Giving” donation page Click here for Donations  .


Organising food and refreshments

Our boats have a small kitchen with stove etc to enable you to heat or prepare food but don’t miss out on your voyage by spending too much time in the galley. We have a page dedicated to local services who can  prepare and deliver food & refreshment to the boat either before you leave or during you voyage. Please take a look at our page entitled

Organising Your Day

If you want to make an enquiry about anything else, please use the form on the Contact Us page.


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