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Getting ready for Festival boat trips 

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Cruising from Town Wharf towards the Welshpool lock

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Heulwen III in the countryside;

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Passing the museum in Welshpool

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Will she get round?

Winding around at the town wharf

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About the Charity

It began in 1975 when the Prince of Wales' Committee in partnership with The Variety Club of Great Britain, arranged for the apprentices of Cammell Laird to build a 70ft canal boat specially designed to carry disabled children. It is thought to be a world first! It was named HEULWEN, which is Welsh for 'Sunshine' and was launched by HRH the Prince of Wales. The scheme was set up to last ten years, after which local people would assume responsibility to continue the good work.

The Heulwen trust was formed in 1985 to take on this task under the Chairmanship of Claude Millington (he sadly died in 2004). It continues to be enthusiastically run by a team of volunteers. Our main source of day to day funding is from our annual Country and Western Music Festival. If you are interested in our festival please see the separate Festival web site http://www.countrywestern.org.uk/. In addition we have been lucky enough to have received legacies funding from the estates of a number of enthusiastic supporters of our work.

In 1993 we took delivery of a second 70ft. narrow boat which was launched and named Heulwen II by Prince Charles in May of that year.

In 2008 Heulwen I was more than thirty years old and becoming more and more difficult to maintain. We decided to commission a new boat and took delivery of Heulwen III "Silver Lady" in June 2009 (and said goodbye to Heulwen I having given us 34 years of service). I wonder if any of the Cammell Laird apprentices ever realised how much pleasure their efforts had given to so many.

About the Canal

Montgomery canal is one of those jewels that is isolated from the main network of canals (although work is being done to reconnect but we fear that is many years away. For information about the progress do have a look at the web site for the Friends of Montgomery Canal web site . For more information about the Montgomery Canal Pete's Montogmery Canal is a hive of information.  The best site to cover the whole of the canal system is the Canal Junction and they have a section on the Monty  

Until the dry section at Pant is back in water, there are few boats travelling up and down the canal in Montgomeryshire. It is unusual for us to meet other boats although we pass a couple moored up in the length we use.

If you want to have an idea of the scenery have a look at Alan Wilding utube clip "Weekend Crusing at Welshpool" where he shows Heulwen III on a trip to Brithdir and The Horseshoes. On the way he interviews our Chairman about the Trust.

If you want to follow a nature trail through Welshpool have a look at the Canal and River Trust web site for montgomery-canal-trail

Other Links

For things to do in Welshpool you can't go far wrong by having a look at the Welshpool Tourist Information Centre "Visit Welshpool" website where you will also find details of accommodation available in the area. Lots to see and do or stay at visit mid wales

Charity Contact details

The Charity's registered no. is 1010813 and address is
Gungrog Farm Welshpool Powys SY21 9HW.

Secretary (inc bookings)  Jenny Maddox, 

10 Bryn Glas, Welshpool, SY21 7TL. 01938 554810

Chairman David Corfield,
Gungrog Farm, Welshpool, SY21 9HW 07885 484228

Boatmen Emergency Telephone numbers
Heulwen II 0797 388753 or Heulwen III 0797 4573498  

Privacy Policy of the Heulwen Trust 

The Heulwen Trust is a Charity that runs the Welshpool Country and Western to fund the cost of running  our canal boats for those who suffer from a disability. 

We have two websites.  One relating to the Boats and one relating to the Country and Western Festival

On our websites we do not use cookies or otherwise collect data of who has looked at our site.  We do not utilise records for profiling visitors to the site.  We do not share information with any other organisation.  We do not have advertisers or sponsored links.  We do not store information on the cloud.  Our servers are based in the UK.  Whilst we do not permit remote electronic access to our records we are told that our web services provider does maintain server access logs for debugging security and service review ( but not for marketing) but access to such is limited to the authorised individuals.  The information is only retained for as long as such functions require and thereafter deleted 

We do have links on our website to other websites to assist you.  We do not record whether you use such links.  We are not responsible for the contents of any third party website and you should please satisfy yourself that you are content with the policies of such third party websites.

What we do record

When a members of the public makes contact with us we will use their contact information to respond to the enquiry whether that enquiry is of a general nature or relates to a boat booking or an advance ticket sale for the Country and Western.

To enable us to respond to an enquiry we may pass on details to the appropriate member of the Trust to respond.   Details of enquiries and responses will be retained as a record of both the enquiry and our response

We will record details of enquiries from people who are interested in and subsequently do use our boats.  We will also record details of people who want to buy advance tickets for the Country and Western.   These records are retained to record the legal contract entered into.

All personal information is stored on devices which have access restricted to authorised individuals 

Please use the contact us page if you wish to ascertain what records we hold for you.  If our records are inaccurate we would be delighted to rectify them.  Whilst we are happy to erase and amend inaccurately held information or to record your wish that you do not wish to be contacted by us, please be aware that any records of the contractual details will be retained during the statutory contractual limitation period.