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Heulwen II

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Silver Lady Heulwen III

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Before you get in contact with us to ask about a booking, please read either the Disabled Boat Trip page or the Private Boat Hire page.  This page primarily relates to group bookings.  If you are an individual you probably should be looking at the Private Boat Hire page and book a (free) place on one of our weekend trips

If you want to book the whole of a boat for a trip you will see to the left of the screen two monthly calendars showing the availability of each of our two boats; one for Heulwen II and the other for Silver Lady Heulwen III. You are able to see whether that boat is free (green) or not available (red).  For a later month please use the arrow keys. The calendars are for AVAILABILITY and not for booking. Please note you CANNOT BOOK on line

Make a note of the date you want and then use the contact us page of the web page or by email to info@heulwentrust.co.uk.  If urgent please telephone our booking secretary Jenny Maddox on 01938 554810 but please bear in mind she is one of our hard working  and unpaid volunteers so you may have to leave a message for her to respond when she is available 

If you want to make an enquiry about any "other" private hire for a group a please use the Contact Us page.  

If you are an individual and want to join a scheduled trip from Welshpool town centre for the return two (plus) hour journey please contact the Welshpool Tourist Information Centre.  tel 01938 552043.  

If you are interested in any other days when we are not scheduled to go please contact us and we will post your interest here.  We need a minimum of 8 people to express an interest and then we will see if we can organise a skipper and have a boat available   

When contacting us please send us details of your requirements.  

Please tell us if your enquiry relates to a "disabled" trip (and briefly how you are less abled) or private hire (the boats are highly unlikely to be bookable during a weekday before 4pm).    

We will need to know the date, when you want to start and how long you want your trip to last.  

We will then contact you to discuss your requirements and if appropriate to confirm your use of the boat.

Please do not assume that an indication by you of an interest in a particular date is a booking. It has to be confirmed

Finally whilst the use of the boats for a disabled trip is without charge, you will appreciate that it is expensive to run the service we do. Any donation is therefore more than welcome but is entirely voluntary (and will not have any effect upon the acceptance of your booking) You can make a donation either by a direct donation to your Boatman or by post to the Treasurer of the Heulwen Trust, 10 Bryn Glas Welshpool SY21 7TL (please make cheques payable to the Heulwen Trust).