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If you are on a private hire trip (weekends and bank holidays) leaving from the Town Wharf please look at the Private Hire pages where we have details of how to find the Town Wharf 

Directions for how to find the Heulwen Wharf where our weekday trips will usually start (If you want another start point please contact us) 

From the Welshpool by pass (A483), you are looking for the junction of the A483 with Salop Road. Note that at this junction there is a central reservation

If you are coming from the north (A483 Oswestry) or the east (A458 Shrewsbury), at the first roundabout proceed south (signposted to Welshpool and Newtown). Turn right into Salop Road at the first right turn (note central reservation).

From the south (A490 or A483 from Newtown), at the first roundabout take the exit signposted to Oswestry and Shrewsbury. Go to the next roundabout and take the fourth exit (pretty much straight ahead) again signposted to Oswestry and Shrewsbury. Take next left junction (note central reservation) into Salop Road.

If you are coming from the West on the A458 or the north on the A490 Llanfyllin etc, take the Brook Street exit from the first roundabout and continue into the one way system.  Where the traffic splits (right and left) turn left at the give way. Proceed up Church Bank and over the brow.  Continue straight ahead, after the pedestrian crossing into Salopl Road.  Continue about half a mile (straight over the mini roundabout and past the entrance to the High School - and indeed over the canal - and down the bank towards the end of Salop Road. About 30 yards before the junction with A483, you will come to the lane leading to the Heulwen Wharf on your left (note Brown sign on right to Heulwen Wharf).  Or you can make your way to the by pass and follow the above paragraph instructions until you meet with that central reservation junction back into Salop Road. 

Once you have turned into Salop Road off the A483, look for the Brown road sign for Heulwen Wharf.   Turn right off Salop Road (just 30 yards from the A483).  Follow along the road, though the sharp left bend (note Private Road sign in the tree above you) and then over the canal (hump) bridge. The Heulwen Wharf is on your right.


Unfortunately sat nav, Google map etc does NOT recognise the road leading to the Heulwen Wharf.  So please familiarise yourself with the end of the route before you leave.  If you use the post code SY21 7DJ you will be taken to the Rhallt Nursing Home which is the first / last building on Salop Road .  As you turn into Salop Road from A483 you need to turn right onto the lane leading to the Wharf (and confuse the sat nav!!).  

If you have come into Welshpool from the west or otherwise coming from the town centre along Salop Road, the building at SY21 7DJ is the last on your right.  You need to go on a further 50 yards to the next left junction to join the lane leading to the Heulwen Wharf

The map above left shows the lane leading to and the location of the Wharf.  The lane joins Salop Road about 30 yards from the junction of Salop Road and the A483.

Leaving the wharf

Please note that when you leave the wharf you will need to go back to Salop Road.  

If you turn left onto Salop Road, you will then be required to turn left onto the A483. Fine if you want to go north but if you want to go south you must then continue up to the roundabout at the end of the by pass where you can turn back on yourself.  Alternatively

If you turn right onto Salop Road you will go towards the town centre of Welshpool for onward routes.

Privacy Policy of the Heulwen Trust 

The Heulwen Trust  is a Charity that runs the Welshpool Country and Western to fund the cost of running  our canal boats for those who suffer from a disability. 

We have two websites.  One relating to the Boats and one relating to the Country and Western Festival

On our websites we do not use cookies or otherwise collect data of who has looked at our site.  We do not utilise records for profiling visitors to the site.  We do not share information with any other organisation.  We do not have advertisers or sponsored links.  We do not store information on the cloud.  Our servers are based in the UK.  Whilst we do not permit remote electronic access to our records we are told that our web services provider does maintain server access logs for debugging security and service review ( but not for marketing) but access to such is limited to the authorised individuals.  The information is only retained for as long as such functions require and thereafter deleted 

We do have links on our website to other websites to assist you.  We do not record whether you use such links.  We are not responsible for the contents of any third party website and you should please satisfy yourself that you are content with the policies of such third party websites.

What we do record

When a members of the public makes contact with us we will use their contact information to respond to the enquiry whether that enquiry is of a general nature or relates to a boat booking or an advance ticket sale for the Country and Western.

To enable us to respond to an enquiry we may pass on details to the appropriate member of the Trust to respond.   Details of enquiries and responses will be retained as a record of both the enquiry and our response

We will record details of enquiries from people who are interested in and subsequently do use our boats.  We will also record details of people who want to buy advance tickets for the Country and Western.   These records are retained to record the legal contract entered into.

All personal information is stored on devices which have access restricted to authorised individuals 

Please use the contact us page if you wish to ascertain what records we hold for you.  If our records are inaccurate we would be delighted to rectify them.  Whilst we are happy to erase and amend inaccurately held information or to record your wish that you do not wish to be contacted by us, please be aware that any records of the contractual details will be retained during the statutory contractual limitation period.