Private boat hire

The Heulwen Wharf



Getting ready for passengers



 Approaching Belan lock

The approach to Belan lock


 Prepare Heulwen II for inspection

 Heulwen II ready for inspection


belan bottom.JPG

 The Canal is unusually busy during the Making Waves event 


The Canal beyond the Belan



Whitehouse turn under the road to Powis Castle 


turning in town.JPG

Turning the boat at the Welshpool Town Wharf


heulwen iii cruisisng.jpg

Heulwen III "Silver Lady" cruising


lift bridge.jpg

 Silver lady going under the lift bridge



Before we begin, we would like to emphasise that the object of our charity is to provide boat trips for people who are less abled than those who are the luckier people of society. If you are not so lucky, you are eligible for free trips on our boats.  If you are part of a group we would ask you to please look at, and follow, the details on the disabled boat trips page to find out how and when the boats can be made available for you.  If you are an individual who has an impairment wanting to come on a trip, you can book a place on one of our scheduled trips (see below) 

Scheduled trips for members of the Public

The return trip (about two ish hours)

WEEKEND TRIPS WILL RECOMMENCE on Saturday 31st March 2018

From Easter through to the end of September 2018, we offer scheduled trips every Sunday and Bank Holiday.  We also run on Saturdays of Bank Holidays and through the summer holidays (Sat 7 and 28 April 2018, Sat 5th and 26th May 2018, Sat 21st and 29th July, all Saturdays in August 2018 and Sat 01 Sept 2018). 

We depart from the middle of Welshpool and leave at 11 am and 2 pm. We pick up at the Town Wharf (for directions see below).  Ten to fifteen minutes later we will be in the Town Lock which is just after the Museum and beside Morrisons on Severn Street.  

After the lock beside Morrisons, we will take you along the canal, turning around just below the Belan locks before returning you to the town centre a little more than two hours later.  The route pretty much follows (but goes beyond) the diagrammatic plan at the bottom of the first page of the Canal and River Trust montgomery-canal-trail through Welshpool.

We charge £8 for an adult and £4 for a child aged between 2 and up to 15.  A family ticket for two adults and two children is £20.  A disabled person travels free

Please note that there are NO trips the weekend of the third Sunday in July as both our boats will be doing free trips at the Welshpool Country and Western.  You are welcome to come and join us at our fund raising event.  Have a look at Welshpool Country and Western for further details

How to come on one of our scheduled trips

If you want to just turn up we will be delighted to take you if there is room.  You may prefer to make a booking for one of our trips in advance by telephoning or calling into the Welshpool Tourist Information Centre at the Vicarage Gardens, Church Street Welshpool SY21 7DD, Tel. 01938 552043.  If you click on the above link, you will be taken to their site with a map showing their location (which also shows the location of the Town Wharf ---the wide blue area just below Mill Lane). 

How to find the Boat

Our boats are painted red and are called Heulwen II or Heulwen III. When waiting to leave on a trip we will be moored up beside the Town Wharf.  Both boats have wheel chair hydraulic lifts for access to cabin. 

For the Saturday Sunday and Bank Holiday return trips, we pick up at 11 am and at 2 pm

The Town Wharf is located  
the pay and display car park opposite the Tourist Information Centre (location map see above).  (Disabled access is much easier from this side of the canal)
the Tesco Car Park which is on the towpath side of the canal.  Looking at front of Tesco, go to your right as far as you can to find the canal.  Alternatively when you come off the roundabout, pass the petrol station on your right and follow the main way (i.e. don't turn off into any of the side ways to the parking bays) until you get to the end of the shops on your right.  The canal is at the end of the car park.  The boats are on the other side of the canal.  Use the foot bridge to the left of the end of the car park. Step free slopes lead over the footbridge (which originally was part of the narrow gauge railway to Llanfair Caerenion) and then down to the Town Wharf

The canal is a bit lower than the car park so you may not see the canal boats until you are close to the canal 

There is step free access to the boats from both car parks.  Access to the cabin is by ramps and hydraulic lifts to make it easy for wheelchair users and people who are a little bit wobbly.  Our toilets have grab rails etc

For a location map have a look at this site.  The Wharf is the wide blue area just below Mill Lane. 

Private trips

In addition to the scheduled trips, we can take you and your friends (up to 12 passengers) on a trip along the canal.  Generally these will start from the Heulwen Wharf but we can arrange to pick you up in the town centre

What about hiring the boat for party? So far we have had a wedding party, children’s parties, adult's birthday parties and group trips.

When a boat is not being used (which pretty much rules out weekday trips before 4pm) we can take you for a trip along the canal.  How long is up to you.  At weekends you can start at 9.30am.  During the week the boats are back at the Heulwen Wharf by about 4pm.  We prefer to be back in daylight.  In June and July it does not get dark until after 9pm.

So what takes your fancy, a trip to Abbey winding hole (far end of the Moors straight) which is about 2 hours.  A trip into the town centre is about 1.5 hours return.  Going from the town centre to the bottom of Red Lane (the road up to Powis Castle) would add 90 minutes.  To go to the Belan is about 2 hours return from the town centre.

We charge £100 for the first two hours and then £25 per hour thereafter

If you want to enquire about a private hire please use the Contact Us form and we will get back to you to discuss.

If you fancy a trip when we are not scheduled but don't have the numbers to hire the whole boat, you could e mail us and we would post a message to see if others would want to join you.  If you are interested please email us at

If you click this link Canal Leaflet-2016.doc you will down load a copy of the leaflet that we publish.  You are welcome to have a look at it or print it or indeed hand it around