Boat Maintenance Policy

Approved by: Acting Chairman April 20th 2023
Date: March 2023
Version Number: 1.0
Status: Draft
Review Frequency: Every 2 year
Next review date: 2025
Relevant Legislation / Licences: Boat Safety Certificate.
Related Policy / Document: Health and Safety Risk Assessment
Trips Information Pack
  1. Purpose

    1. Heulwen Trust (the Trust) is committed to providing regular maintenance of all equipment in order to complying with prevailing legislation. The Trusts Boat Maintenance Policy is designed to achieve these aims.
  2. Policy Scope

    1. This policy applies to all boats owned and operated by the Trust,
    2. The Trust Boats and Services Committee (Committee) is responsible for ensuring that Boat Maintenance is implemented effectively.
    3. Skippers has overall control of and responsibility for boat maintenance. If necessary and in extreme cases he/she will terminate the trip immediately if that maintenance issues endangers health and safety.
    4. It is forbidden for employees, volunteers and users to interfere with or misuse any items of safety equipment or commit any unsafe acts.
  3. Policy Implementation.

    1. Boat safety certificates will be always maintained current. This will require the hull to be examined every 4 years, usually on a dry dock.
    2. The boat will be docked at other times as required and as approved by the committee.
    3. The engine will be maintained as advised by the manufacturer with appropriate daily, weekly, 6 monthly and yearly checks. As appropriate maintenance will be carried out by the Trusts staff or by appropriately trained and qualified engineers.
    4. The skipper will report to the management committee on maintenance requirements at least quarterly. Major maintenance will be carried out annually during the winter maintenance period in accordance with a schedule of works drafted by the skipper, approved by the committee.
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